Thursday, May 31, 2012

2012 Races -- Massachusetts House

Here are the State House races and candidates will be following in the 2012 cycle. is most interested in those districts that represent communities in Worcester County and far Northwestern Middlesex County. Websites and twitter feeds are campaign-based, unless otherwise noted. This listing will be updated as changes warrant.

Contested Races
Second Franklin: 
Denise Andrews (D-Orange) -- Incumbent website, twitter, facebook
Rebecca Bialecki (D-Orange) website, facebook
Genevieve Fraser (D-Orange) twitter, facebook
James White (D-Phillipston) website, facebook
Susannah Whipps-Lee (R-Athol) website, facebook
Richard Schober (U-Templeton) website, twitter, facebook

Third Middlesex:
Kate Hogan (D-Stow) -- Incumbent website, facebook
Chuck Kuniewich (R-Hudson) website, facebook

Fourth Middlesex
Steven Levy (R-Marlborough) -- Incumbent website, twitter, facebook
Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough) website, twitter
Joseph Collins (D-Marlborough)

Eighth Middlesex
Carolyn Dykema (D-Holliston) -- Incumbent website, twitter, facebook
Martin Lamb (R-Hopkinton) website, twitter, facebook

Second Worcester
Rich Bastien (R-Gardner) -- Incumbent website, twitter, facebook
Scott Graves (R-Gardner) website, twitter, facebook
Jonathan Zlotnik (D-Gardner) website, facebook

Fourth Worcester
Dennis Rosa (D-Leominster) -- Incumbent website, twitter
Justin Brooks (R-Leominster) website, twitter, facebook

Sixth Worcester
Peter Durant (R-Spencer) -- Incumbent website, twitter, facebook
Kathleen Walker (D-Charlton) website, facebook
Eighth Worcester
Kevin Kuros (R-Uxbridge) -- Incumbent website, twitter, facebook
Bob Dubois (D-Blackstone) website, facebook

14th Worcester 
Jim O'Day (D-West Boylston) -- Incumbent, facebook
Bill McCarthy (R-Worcester) website

15th Worcester -- OPEN SEAT
Frank Beshai (D-Worcester) website, twitter, facebook
Dianna Biancheria (D-Worcester) website, facebook
Mary Keefe (D-Worcester) facebook
Ralph Perez (D-Worcester)
Kate Toomey (D-Worcester) website, twitter, facebook
Brian O'Malley (R-Worcester) website, facebook

17th Worcester
John Binienda (D-Worcester) -- Incumbent
William LeBeau (R-Leicester) twitter, facebook

18th Worcester
Ryan Fattman (R-Sutton) -- Incumbent website, twitter, facebook
Donald Bourque (D-Webster) website, twitter, facebook

Uncontested Races
First Hampden: Todd Smola (R-Palmer) -- Incumbent website 
First Middlesex: Sheila Harrington (R-Groton) -- Incumbent website, twitter, facebook
37th Middlesex: Jennifer Benson (D-Lunenburg) -- Incumbent website, twitter, facebook
First Worcester: Kim Ferguson (R-Holden) -- Incumbent website, facebook
Third Worcester: Stephen DiNatale (D-Fitchburg) -- Incumbent
Fifth Worcester: Anne Gobi (D-Spencer) -- Incumbent website, facebook
Seventh Worcester: Paul Frost (R-Auburn) -- Incumbent, facebook
Ninth Worcester: George Peterson (R-Grafton) -- Incumbent website, facebook
10th Worcester: John Fernandes (D-Milford) -- Incumbent website
11th Worcester: Matt Beaton (R-Shrewsbury) -- Incumbent website, twitter, facebook
12th Worcester: Harold Naughton (D-Clinton) -- Incumbent website, facebook
13th Worcester: John Mahoney (D-Worcester) -- Incumbent, facebook
16th Worcester: John Fresolo (D-Worcester) -- Incumbent website, facebook

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