Friday, February 14, 2014

2014 Election Update -- State House

Here are the State House races and candidates will be following in the 2014 cycle. is most interested in those districts that represent communities in Worcester County and far Northwestern Middlesex County. Websites and twitter feeds are campaign-based, unless otherwise noted. This listing will be updated as changes warrant. Last updated March 26, 2014.

2nd Franklin
Denise Andrews (D-Orange) -- Incumbent
Johnny Arena (D-Gill)
Karen Anderson (R-Orange)
Susannah Whipps-Lee (R-Athol)

1st Middlesex
Sheila Harrington (R-Groton) -- Incumbent
Gene Rauhala (D-Townsend)

3rd Middlesex
Kate Hogan (D-Stow) -- Incumbent
Philip Dolan (R-Maynard)

4th Middlesex
Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough) -- Incumbent 
Matt Elder (R-Marlborough)

2nd Worcester
Jonathan Zlotnik (D-Gardner) -- Incumbent
Rich Bastien (R-Gardner)
Garret Shetrawski (R-Winchendon)

5th Worcester -- OPEN SEAT
Matt Castriotta (D-Hubbardston)
Donald Berthiaume (R-Spencer)
Stephen Comtois (R-Brookfield)
Jennifer Gaucher (R-Spencer)

8th Worcester
Kevin Kuros (R-Uxbridge) -- Incumbent 
Joseph Hall (D-Bellingham)
Joe Guertin (U-Bellingham)

9th Worcester -- OPEN SEAT
Martin Green (D-Nortbridge)
Shawn Craig (R-Upton)
David Muradian (R-Grafton)

10th Worcester
John Fernandes (D-Milford) -- Incumbent
Chris Kivior (R-Milford)
Mark Reil (R-Mendon)

12th Worcester
Hank Naughton (D-Clinton) -- Incumbent
Brad Wyatt (R-Boylston)

13th Worcester
John Mahoney (D-Worcester) -- Incumbent
Jackie Kostas (R-Worcester)

15th Worcester
Mary Keefe (D-Worcester) -- Incumbent
Phil Palmieri (D-Worcester)

16th Worcester
Dan Donahue (D-Worcester) -- Incumbent
John Fresolo (D-Worcester)

17th Worcester -- OPEN SEAT
Kate Campanale (R-Leicester)
Douglas Belanger (D-Leicester)
Moses Dixon (D-Worcester) 
Mike Germain (D-Worcester)

18th Worcester -- OPEN SEAT
David Cortese (D-Douglas)
Mark Dowgiewicz (D-Webster)
Brenda Ennis (D-Oxford)
Jesse Limanek (R-Sutton)
Joe McKenna (R-Webster)

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