Friday, August 20, 2010

Bill Gunn clarifies remarks on Islamic Center

On Tuesday, The Sentinel and Enterprise wrote that First Congressional District challenger Bill Gunn (R-Ware) suggested that building a "pork factory" would be an appropriate response to the planned Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan a few blocks from Ground Zero:
Gunn went on to say that if the developers don't accept an offer to relocate the mosque, protesters should "make their lives miserable." He even suggested allowing businesses that would be objectionable to Muslims -- such as a pork factory -- to locate nearby.
You will note that the Sentinel did not quote Gunn directly. Following my note on the piece in Wednesday's Gunn posted a comment to the entry, putting the discussion into a fuller context:
My comment that someone should open a pork factory next door was a use of humor to illustrate that there are ways to oppose the building of this mosque without trampling on the Constitution. The people that want to build this mosque have a Constitutional right to do so, but those that are offended by the gesture have the right to voice their displeasure through protest, peaceful assembly and other methods to include the purchase of adjoining properties and the free use of those properties as they see fit.
I have verified with the Gunn campaign that the comment posted to Wednesday's entry, and reposted here without edit, is from the candidate.

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