Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday State House Roundup: Debate days

Now that we are within a month of the primary, debate season has begun. We start in Ayer, where the Ayer Democratic Town Committee hosted a debate between the three Democrats vying for the First Middlesex District nomination. While Jane Moriss (D-Groton), Jesse Reich (D-Ayer), and Tony Saboliauskas (D-Pepperell) agreed on many issues they split over the proposed repeal of the affordable housing law known as 40B. From the Sentinel and Enterprise:
Saboliauskas, the lone supporter of the proposed repeal of the three candidates, said the well-intended law has been abused by developers over and over, failing to generate enough much affordable housing in many communities.

But both Morriss and [Reich] said they would not support a repeal of the law because creation of affordable housing is important.

The law should not go away "until we have reached a point where everyone in the commonwealth has a roof over their head," Morriss said.
13th Worcester House District
Shaun Sutner of the Telegram devotes most of his Tuesday ElectionNet column to the race. On the Republican side, he notes that Paul Franco (R-Worcester) just recently registered as a Republican and pulled a Democratic ballot in eight of the past 10 primaries going back to 1998.

Sutner also reminds readers that the Democratic candidates are debating tonight at Anna Maria College. He points out that two of the three moderators have ties either one of the candidates or the current office holder.

Second Franklin House District
The three candidates for the Democratic nomination faced off last night in Greenfield. Greenfield Community Television will broadcast the debate Friday afternoon at 5:00.

Fifth Worcester House District
Rep. Anne Gobi (D-Spencer) is calling for disclosure forms of government officials to be made available online.

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