Monday, August 30, 2010

Press Release: Michael Engel Endorsed by Green-Rainbow Party in MA-01

The following press release was sent by Michael Engel (U-Southampton), candidate for representative from the First Congressional District.

Green-Rainbow Party Endorses Engel Congressional Candidacy

Southampton, MA - August 29 - Michael Engel, independent candidate for the U. S. House from the first district, has been endorsed by the State Committee of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) at its meeting today in Boston.

Engel commented that he is “proud and pleased” over the endorsement, and noted that his own approach to economic policy and political reform is consistent with the “Ten Key Values” of the GRP.

Michael Horan, Co-Chair of the GRP, stated, “There's nothing, to my mind, more important than folks of similar values and mindsets and goals transcending our labels to make common cause. When truly independent candidates and dyed-in-the-wool Greens (and similar parties!) look behind the labels and extend a hand, we actually start getting somewhere.”

Engel will continue to run as an independent, and will be listed as such on the November ballot.

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