Sunday, August 29, 2010

Press Release: Mike Stopa Will Suggest Blueprint For Dismantling Obamacare

The following press release was sent by Michael Stopa (R-Holliston), candidate for representative from the Third Congressional District.

Mike Stopa Will Suggest Blueprint For Dismantling Obamacare
At Massachusetts State House, Site Of Rise and Fall of Dukakiscare

Holliston, MA, August 29, 2010: Michael Stopa, candidate for U.S. Congress in the Third Congressional District, will hold a press conference on Monday, August 30th, at 11:00 A.M. at the Massachusetts State House to suggest that a plan for dismantling Obamacare already exists, and that the blueprint was developed right here in Massachusetts in the 1990's.

Standing on the steps of the State House where Dukakiscare was enacted, then killed, Stopa will be joined by, among others, State Representative Betty Poirier, whose husband Kevin Poirier, was instrumental in defeating the Dukakis plan. According to its opponents, the plan would have had a devastating effect on small businesses in the state.

Stopa will point out some of the major problems with Obamacare, including its higher costs, its negative effects on small businesses and senior citizens, and the expected rationing of medical care services and/or longer waits for medical service. He will discuss how the Obama administration, through Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi, passed the bill against the will of the majority of Americans, as evidenced by numerous national polls and by Senator Scott Brown's upset win this year.

He will discuss Congressman McGovern's marching in lockstep with Speaker Pelosi throughout the process and will challenge McGovern to a healthcare debate "anytime, anywhere" on the issue.

"Reforming healthcare is a noble and worthwhile goal, if it's done properly," Stopa has said. He will provide some of his ideas for reforming healthcare "the right way" at the press conference.

Michael Stopa is a Physics researcher at Harvard University and an internationally recognized expert on nanoscience and computation with over 80 publications and a thousand citations. He is a fiscal conservative and a first-time candidate. He and his wife and four children live in Holliston.

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