Sunday, August 29, 2010

Press Release: Benson campaign knocks on over 1,000 doors

The following press release was sent by Rep. Jennifer Benson (D-Lunenburg) candidate for re-election in the 37th Middlesex district.

Benson campaign knocks on over 1,000 doors

State Representative believes in a personal approach to voter outreach

LUNENBURG – State Representative Jen Benson announced today that her campaign has knocked on well over 1,000 doors during the summer, and she is just getting started as the campaign season starts to heat up. While many candidates rely on mailings, automated phone calls, or advertisements to reach voters, Benson is following a more personal approach going door-to-door to meet and talk with voters one-on-one.

“Voters sometimes tune out impersonal communication like mailings and advertisements,” said Benson. “While just about everyone appreciates a personal visit and a chance to ask questions and discuss the issues.”

Benson acknowledges that going door-to-door takes a lot of time and energy. “Scheduling time for canvassing while the legislature is in session is a challenge, but the process of meeting with voters and hearing about their personal situations helps me serve them better as a their Representative,” said Benson. “Our legislative session wrapped up at the end of July, and while I still have a great deal of constituent work to do, I look forward to spending more time going door-to-door and hearing what voters have to say.”

Benson is not surprised that the top concerns of voters during her visits are the economy and job creation. “While Massachusetts is recovering from the recession faster than the rest of the country, there are still too many people out of work,” said Benson. “I have gotten positive feedback on the economic development bill and small business healthcare legislation we just passed, but people are still suffering and there is much more that needs to be done.”

Benson’s campaign has also included campaign volunteers in their canvassing efforts. “Going to someone’s door to talk about a candidate and the issues can be a daunting task for a volunteer,” said Campaign Manager Amy Burke, “but we have had some wonderful volunteers and campaign interns who have really connected with voters and added a great deal of positive energy to the process.”

Benson believes that other campaigning tools and communication strategies have their place. “My campaign will be sending mailings so voters know where I stand on the issues and I will be making phone calls with volunteers to get out the vote,” said Benson, “but I truly believe that speaking with voters one-on-one is the best campaign tool.”

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