Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday roundup: More missing votes in MA-05

The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune followed up their weekend expose of Jon Golnik (R-Carlisle) and his eight-and-a-half year absence from the voting booth with a look at the 2007 special election won by Niki Tsongas (D-Lowell). It turns out that Golnik wasn't the only Republican in the Fifth Congressional District race who missed that ballot:
There are four Republicans campaigning against incumbent Democrat Niki Tsongas in the 5th Congressional District, but only Tom Weaver can say he voted against her in 2007....

Weaver voted for Ogonowski, but all three of his opponents in the upcoming Sept. 14 primary — Sam Meas of Haverhill, Bob Shapiro of Andover and Jon Golnik of Carlisle — did not cast ballots.

"Jon's got to answer where he was. So does Sam. So does Bob," said Weaver, a Westford resident. "I can make the statement that I've been running against Niki Tsongas since 2007 based on that. ... I cast a ballot against her. I can say it and no one else can."
The revelation could be particularly damaging to Meas, who has aggressively criticized Golnik for his voting lapse. Yesterday, Meas posted a YouTube video titled "Golnik -- A Voting Record" calling out Golnik for his absence at the polls. This afternoon, the video has been pulled from the server and replaced with another, slightly milder version.


Second Congressional District
Tom Wesley (R-Hopedale) has taken his campaign to Singapore, where he recorded his latest video update.

13th Worcester House District
The Telegram has more on the decision of Bruce Card (U-Worcester) to drop out of the race and endorse Paul Franco (R-Worcester). Red Mass Group posted the Franco press release.

Second Franklin House District
In a press release, Lee Chauvette (D-Athol) urged caution on the development of a virtual K-8 school and a proposed big box development in the district.

Third Congressional District
Finally, Marty Lamb (R-Holliston) has the solution for people sick of politics.

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