Friday, September 17, 2010

Chauvette declines to endorse Andrews in Second Franklin race

Saying that he supports "voter choice," Lee Chauvette (D-Athol) announced this morning that he is declining to endorse nominee Denise Andrews (D-Orange) in the race for state house in the Second Franklin House District.

In declining to offer his support, Chauvette acknowledged that he is breaking a "unity call and agreement to move forward with the winner."

"Party unity is a great thing but my message became that of trying to fight for the voters and to be a clear and unattached voice and support electing the person not the party," said Chauvette in a written statement. "This is a value that I hold very high.  I have decided to step away from the normal and expected process and support voter choice in the 2nd Franklin District for the November 2 election."

Saying that his decision "is not based on 'sour grapes' for losing the election," Chauvette, who finished last among the four candidates vying for the nomination, said he would like his supporters to consider and evaluate all three candidates, including Steven Adam (R-Orange) and Genevieve Fraser (U-Orange).

"I hold nothing but respect for Denise, Genevieve and Steve and have zero personal issues with any of them," Chauvette said, "but this is an open seat election and I believe that best form of Democracy from this point forward is to allow you the voters the right to decide on who you feel most comfortable in supporting."

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