Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Third Congressional District roundup: Herr gets a slap on the wrist

For a couple of days, the stories from the Third Congressional District have centered on Brian Herr (R-Hopkinton) and his failure to file campaign finance reports in a timely manner. The House ethics committee has weighed in and Herr will be fined a grand total of...two hundred dollars! From the Sun Chronicle:
Congressional candidate Brian Herr said he expects to be fined $200 for being late to file a personal financial disclosure statement with the U.S. House of Representatives.

Herr, a Hopkinton Republican, said the deadline for filing the information was May 15, and he did not make the deadline....

"It dropped between the cracks. The bottom line is we were late," he said. He said he finally sent the statement to Washington Monday.

Herr said he is unsure what caused his organization to fail to meet the deadline, but believes everyone has been so busy with the campaign that it must have been an oversight.
Herr was again criticized by the McGovern campaing for not taking the issue seriously. But one wonders how serious the violation is when the fine is less than dinner for four at a fine restauarant.

While he will likely not be fined for it, Herr is clearly jaywalking across rte. 135 in his latest web ad.

Incunbent Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Worcester) has been everywhere in the last couple of days. Yesterday, he joined Second Congressional District Rep. Richard Neal (D-Springfield) in Bellingham to announce a $300,000 EPA grant to deal with water runoff into the Charles River.

McGovern also spent time talking with Hank Stolz of Charter TV3 and releasing a web video, which included the support of a prominent Hopkinton developer.

Marty Lamb is on the air with a new radio commercial geared toward "Republicans, independents, and Tea Party patriots." In a press release, Lamb says the ad buy includes the Howie Carr Show and Peter Blute Show on WCRN-AM.

Finally, the Telegram reports that Patrick Barron (U-Worcester) has filed enough signatures to qualify for the general election ballot in November.

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