Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Roundup: Out of Afghanistan

Third Congressional District Rep. James McGovern (D-Worcester) was in Attleboro yesterday, where he  served ice cream and called for President Barack Obama to end the war in Afghanistan. From the Sun-Chronicle:
The congressman said the Afghan government is corrupt, that it stuffed ballot boxes during the last election and that Americans should not die to prop it up.

The billions of dollars being spent on nation building in Afghanistan could be put to better use domestically, he said.

"We need to bring this war to an end and start investing in jobs at home," he said.

Roads, bridges and schools are being built in Afghanistan with American taxpayer money, he said. McGovern said America can better protect itself by striking at al-Qaeda throughout the world with a "lean, mean, fighting machine," rather than by occupying Afghanistan.
Challenger Brian Herr (R-Hopkinton) unveiled his second radio ad of the cycle, touting himself as the best person to "put the brakes" on Washington spending. No word on if the sound of brakes in the background was recorded while he was jaywalking in a recent Web video.

Fifth Congressional District
Fallout from the revelation that Jon Golnik was arrested for DUI following an AC/DC concert nine years ago continued. The Eagle-Tribune suveyed local political analysts who believe that Golnik's record of not voting for eight-and-a-half years may have more of an effect on his campaign than his old arrest. 
Jim Peters, brother-in-law of Niki Tsongas (D-Lowell), checks in from the campaign trail with a post at
First Congressional District
John Olver (D-Amherst) outlined the biggest difference between his approach to economic recovery and those of his opponents in an interview with the Berkshire Eagle:
"Tax-cutting is the least efficient way of to have an impact upon the economy," he said. "The things that have the greatest impact are those which are immediately spent like food stamps ... and unemployment compensation."
Olver also predicted Democrats will keep control of both houses of Congress in the November election.

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