Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lamb to face McGovern, says he "will not be silenced"

Marty Lamb checks election results as his supporters look on.
(Photo by Emily Hopkins)
NORTHBOROUGH -- The national wave of Tea Party successes swept into Massachusetts last night, as Marty Lamb (R-Holliston) defeated four other candidates to claim the GOP nomination for representative in the Third Congressional District.

Lamb will challenge Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Worcester)  and Patrick Barron (U-Worcester) in the general election in November.

Lamb, who announced his candidacy at a Tea Party rally last year and specifically courted "Tea Party Patriots" in his radio advertisements, told supporters that he and they will "not be silenced" in November.

"These lambs won't be silenced anymore," said Lamb, referencing the Academy Award-winning film Silence of the Lambs. "McGovern ignored us.  When we protested Obama care, he didn't listen.  When we complained about government spending, he didn't listen.  These lambs won't be silenced.

"McGovern can run but he can't hide from us."

For his part, McGovern shows no intention of hiding. In a statement last night, McGovern congratulated Lamb and proposed a series of debates in the coming weeks.

"I congratulate Marty Lamb on his hard-fought victory in the Republican primary," McGovern said. “I call on both of my opponents to join me in a series of debates around the district to allow the voters to hear our competing views for moving our communities forward.”

Lamb told that he expects to compete for voters of all political persuasions in the run to November. "It's all about jobs and the economy, for Democrats and Republicans alike," he said. "I'm not campaigning for Republicans or Democrats, I'm campaigning for everyone."

Emily Hopkins of Worcester Wired contributed to this report from the Lamb post-election headquarters in Northborough.

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