Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Report From Jon Golnik's Headquarters

Our man on the scene at Jon Golnik's campaign headquarters has sent us this photo of Golnik studying the results as they come in. We can't actually see what's on his screen of course, but it's nearly certain that he's reading CMassPolitics to get his news. And thus, when he sees this picture of himself reading this post about himself, the circle will be complete -- or the universe will implode. One or the other.

And to update things: with 118 of 190 precincts reporting, Golnik is still ahead of Meas 38% to 25%. But again, Lowell only has one of its 33 precincts in, and that one went 41 to 5 in favor of Meas. So until the folks in Lowell finish their game of minesweeper and count up the votes, we won't know for sure what's happening with the 5th District.

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