Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Early Election Returns -- 8:40

The Telegram has more figures on the race for the 13th District. Here they are, fresh off the internets:

Ward 1, precinct 3, Assumption College

Mahoney, 114
Barnet. 81
Smith, 61
Perotto, 36
Sharry, 36
DiBaro, 31

Ward 1, Precinct 4

Barnet. 227
Mahoney. 160
Smith, 132
Sharry, 64
DiBaro. 51
Perotto, 37

Some quick napkin math tells us that Barnet is so far slightly ahead of Mahoney to the tune of 401-389 with three precincts reporting (well, two plus Paxton), while DiBaro and Smith are still relevant at 278 and 266 respectively. Perotto and Sharry so far look like they'll have plenty of time to tweak their fantasy football rosters after tonight, with totals of 136 and 178 so far.

Note: the Telegram's main page also has totals including the 2nd precinct, but not the 3rd, so there's a lot of intense math going on somewhere. We'll bring you updates as soon as we can figure them out.

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