Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sam Meas Concedes 5th District; Jon Golnik Earns Nomination

According to our man on the scene, Sam Meas has just conceded to Jon Golnik in the 5th District Republican primary.

In his speech accepting the nomination, Golnik vowed to continue the battle against Democratic incumbent Niki Tsongas, stating several times that he doesn't believe Tsongas represents the interests of the 5th District. Instead, he said that she votes with Washington rather than for her constituents and said that during the remaining 49 days before the general election he would push hard to make sure he and the Republican party were successful in defeating Tsongas.

Golnik also vowed to continue what he called a clean campaign, stating that "we will bring civility back to the process." He also said that while it is easy to look backwards at the mistakes that have been made, he prefers to look forward towards the future instead.

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